Why IKE Transportation?

Our Company

IKE Transportation was founded in 1996 and became 100% Employee Owned in 2016 when they joined the Big G Express family. Our employees are also owners, invested in the success of our customers. IKE's ESOP enables every executive, driver and support staff to share in the rewards and responsibilities, of ownership. Which literally means that each of us succeeds when our customers succeed.

We are industry leaders:

From safety to technology, delivery to customer service, we lead the way in the trucking industry.



We place a high value on investing in the latest technologies to ensure our driver and customers' success. We offer a full range of EDI (electronic data interchange) capabilities and customized reports. 

High-Quality Equipment

We put our company-owned trucks through a rigorous maintenance program to ensure reliable, safe deliveries. IKE Transportation maintenance keeps our trucks moving for on-time deliveries. 


On-Time delivery is something you can count on when you work with IKE Transportation. 

Customer Service

We provide 24/7 coverage 365 days a year. Customers are assigned a single point of contact for customer service needs with a team of professionals supporting your needs. Our commitment to service results in many long-standing relationships with our customers.


IKE Transportation's commitment to safety has made us one of the industry’s go-to trucking companies with a satisfactory CSA ranking, due to our adherence to a rigorous safety training, evaluation, and testing program.

Employee Owners

Our drivers are also owners, invested in the success of our customers. As a result, our truck drivers go above and beyond the call of duty to adhere to industry-leading safety practices and promote efficiency and quality.

This is IKE Transportation

Here’s what our employees have to say about working at IKE Transportation.

You are more than a number at IKE Transportation. You are known by your name and you are part of a family here at IKE Transportation. 

Our customers benefit from the trust and respect we give to our employees. We take care of our drivers and in turn, they work hard to take care of the customer.

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