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Employee Ownership

Employee Ownership at IKE Transportation gives you the opportunity to earn money for your future while providing for you and your family today! The ESOP is a FREE RETIREMENT plan with no money out of your pocket!

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IKE Transportation joined the Big G Express family on June 1, 2016. As a subsidiary of 100% Employee Owned Big G Express, IKE employees participate in the Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) and share in the future success of the company.

How The ESOP Works:

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Big G Stock Prices
ESOP Valuation -
Privately Held
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Big G Express/IKE Transportation is still privately held and not publicly traded. Our stock value is determined by an independent valuation firm annually. Our value is based on the "fair market value" of IKE Transportation, or what a willing buyer would pay for our company at that time.
How You
Earn Shares
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Shares are allocated to eligible participants annually based on their years of service and compensation. Employees do not pay for shares. In fact, the plan does not allow anyone to purchase shares - they are all earned by working at IKE Transportation.
Annual ESOP
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Our ESOP administrator will mail participant statements each year around June or July. The statement will be "as of the end of the prior calendar year" and include the number of shares in the participant retirement account and the value of the stock for that year. We announce our stock price at our Annual ESOP Meeting each summer.
ESOP Distributions -
When you get $$
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ESOP Distributions are paid by the end of the calendar year following the year a participant terminates employment at IKE Transportation. Our current distribution plan pays a lump sum if a participant is 65 years or older, upon death or 100% disability. If a participant is less than age 65 when they separate, the ESOP balance is paid 1/5th over five years.

Real People Real Money

Here are a few examples of driver account balances over the last three years:

Hire Date

April 2013

2015 Balance


2016 Balance


2017 Balance


Hire Date

march 2010

2016 Balance


2017 Balance


2018 Balance


Hire Date

August 2004

2016 Balance


2017 Balance


2018 Balance



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How Your ESOP Balance is Determined

Your ESOP account balance is determined by two things: The number of shares you have, and the value of the shares. [read more]

Big G's Annual ESOP Meeting - 10 Year Celebration

IKE Transportation and Big G Express celebrated 10 years of Employee Ownership and employee owners received their ESOP statements at our Annual ESOP Meeting and family event at the Nashville Zoo [read more]


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