Big G acquired IKE June 1st, 2016 I'm getting my first ESOP statement for a half a year and its money they just give to me, I haven't put anything in its just there because I work here so it's going to help me out during retirement in about 15 years. Well, I think it's good for about a half a year, I think by the time I retire I'll be sitting pretty good. I can tell you about IKE transportation 3 years ago before IKE transportation was bought by Big G, if a driver came up to me at a truck stop and asked about IKE and coming to work for them, I would have just hung my head and shuffled my feet. and walked away. Now that Big G has bought us and a driver comes up to me at a truck stop and asks what it like at IKE. I say Hey man they pay you good, they treat you good, they run you good, they enjoy being here and coming to work every day look forward to getting up and coming to work everyday that's about all I can tell them. That's just how good it is. It's the best place I've worked.


They let me do what I need to do and they trust me. The equipment - I've been inspected ten times in last year and a half and I've passed every one. They give us the equipment and tools that we need. If I need something they get it right away.


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