Why IKE?

Respect and Honesty

When Steve Rutledge and Steve Jones started IKE over 20 years ago, they made it a point to be in the PEOPLE business and not just the TRUCKING business. With that philosophy in place, they have created a culture of respect and honesty that makes them stand out from other carriers in the trucking industry.

Employee Ownership

Our employees are also beneficial owners, invested in the success of our customers. As a result, we go the extra mile to adhere to industry leading safety practices and promote efficiency and quality. IKE’s Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) enables every executive, driver and support staff to share in the rewards--and the responsibilities--of ownership. Each of us succeeds when our customers succeed.


Safety is more than a department at IKE, it is ingrained in our culture. We focus on continuous training and awareness to make safety a priority throughout our company.


On-time delivery is something you can count on when you work with IKE Transportation. IKE is known for offering excellent service to our customers and solid employment opportunities for our drivers for over 20 years in the marketplace.

High Quality Equipment and Technology

We maintain a fleet of late model tractors that we put through a rigorous maintenance program to ensure our people, our trucks, and our customer shipments arrive safely. We invest in the latest technologies, providing efficiency and safety for our drivers and customers.


We have a tremendous amount of experience in the transportation sector and offer financial stability and growth to both our employees and customers.

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